Holy Ghost Feast Committee

Mordomos 2018-2019

duarte and venilia camara

Every year on the feast of the Holy Trinity, our parish celebrates the culmination of our Holy Ghost Feast. During the weeks of Easter, beginning on Easter Sunday, prayer is held in the home of a parishioner, followed by a crowning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Ghost Feast Committee is responsible for many fundraising and special events that take place in our parish. Every parishioner is invited to join in with their time and talents to assist, whether it be selling tickets to a dinner, preparing or serving food at a dinner, or assisting with set up or clean up.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful tradition, please speak to Fr. Jay or contact the parish office.


During the Easter season of fifty days our parish has the devotion of the Holy Ghost Crown. The history of the Crown goes back to the 13th century when Queen Elizabeth sponsored a meal for all the poor people of her area on the Feast of Pentecost. She took off her crown and crowned the poor to show that they had royalty because they had the Holy Spirit within them. It is said that she gave her crown to the Church.

The custom began of crowning people on the Feast of Pentecost. The crown developed into the Crown that we have today. The top of the crown has a dove which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The scepter that has a dove as well, which represents the scepter that Queen Elizabeth used. A meal is usually held after the crowning with the Holy Ghost Crown which is called “Sopas do Espirito Santo” or soup of the Holy Spirit.

This devotion spread from the Azorean Islands where it is still very strong. The people of these Islands brought this devotion with them wherever they settled.

The present devotion consists of seven households that have the crown for one week. Each week is called a “Dominga”. People are invited to visit the house where the Crown is for prayer and getting together.

At the end of the week the people come to the church for their crowning. The Crown is brought to the church with a flag called the “Holy Ghost Flag”. The flag is red and has the image of the dove on it. The Crown and Flag are placed in a place of honor in the church. At the end of the Mass, the family approach the altar with the designated person that will be crowned. A hymn is sung when the priest puts the crown on the head of the person. Other people hold the crown as the priest incenses the crown and has the people kiss the scepter.

In our parish, the custom of assigning the one of the seven gifts to each household is also practiced. A small banner with the gift of the Holy Spirit is shown in the house and at the church. The pastor includes an explanation of the gift in his homily at the crowning and at his visit to the house.


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