St. Augustine reminds us that "when we sing, we pray twice."

The choir enhances the Mass and it is truly a blessing to be a member. We welcome anyone (adults or children) who has a desire to be a part of this very fulfilling apostolate. If you are interested in joining the choir, please speak with Fr. Jay, our choir director, Adam Morin or our organist, Roger Dufour. Our Portuguese choir sings special occasions, for our feast Mass, Christmas and Easter. For more information on our Portuguese choir, please contact the parish office.

Our Parish Choir sings at the 9:30AM Mass each Sunday, and for special occasions (Christmas and Easter). 

Reminder, ALL members of the choir are required by the Diocese to have a CORI check completed and this has to be done before we begin practice. Please contact the parish office to arrange for your CORI check. If you have been CORI trained before, you must fill out a form and have your license photocopied in order to be in compliance with Diocesan rules.